Chinese security company shares huge malware database

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Chinese security company shares huge malware database

Postby renegade » Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:20 pm

Chinese security company shares huge malware database

A Chinese company that has created a massive database of malware found on Chinese Web sites opened up the information to other security organizations on Thursday.
Beijing-based KnownSec gathered the viruses and other information with a crawler that scans nearly 2 million Chinese Web sites each day, Zhao Wei, CEO of the security company, said in an interview in Beijing.
The database covers more Chinese Web sites and provides more up-to-date information about their security than any other, Zhao said in the interview. China produces the majority of the world's malware, he said.

KnownSec each day finds more than 100 Trojan downloader files that have never been seen before, Zhao said. Each of those can direct a victim's PC to download up to ten viruses.

The database also has a list of Web sites that are currently compromised. Only about half of the newly infected sites KnownSec finds each day are also listed by Google as dangerous, said Zhao.

More you can read here : ... e-database
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